Phobos​/​/​Between Flames (Demo '09)

by Horse's Silhouette

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Demo tracks recorded during the summer of 2009. Vocals recorded additionally in the spring of 2010.



A dread iron rule
Fragments of astuteness pushed into one
A bigger whole of ignorance
Through fear you control
Elementals of fear predominate
A euphoria-covered world
A guile, pain-feeding bliss

Blind with hate, we all oversee
what we already fear
Forget about the pills you crave
There will always be a price to pay

Reciprocity for the pain
that motivates your insanity
No more bodies for your gain
No more lives for you to take

Growing gaps in between
an anomalous dream
and the bloodstained veil covering your reign
Conundrums reveal
your inhumanity
Your incapability built up frame after frame
by your stupidity

Is this what’s real?
Is this not how it’s supposed to be or is it just me?
Linked to the pest, incapable of wrath
This is fucked up
Why can’t we see;
our fear for the unknown is what brought us here
Erase it from the history books
There won’t be time to pray
Let’s make a fucking change

Between Flames

Miserable, your life has turned into a drag
Frequent escape compensating shit inadequately
Children used to feed your self-security
The daily grind became your life

Barely able
to get yourself through the day
Awful routines
are all you can take refuge to
Cursed relations,
scars inside your falling mind
Trapped between flames
in a battle you are poised to lose

Dead eyes conceal the fucking tears
Distorted vision defining this life
Never-ending winters descending
Endless torture we’re assumed to embrace

Is this the fruition of your youthful days?
That sense of competition racing through your veins
Is this your legacy portrayed?
A rotten, contradiction-birthing daze

Self-pity fuels
this familial disgrace
Only departure
can extinguish the flames


released April 8, 2010
Owen Swerts: All drums, guitars, vocals, lyrics. Recorded at home in 2009/2010. Written in the summer of 2007. Artwork produced in 2007.



all rights reserved


Horse's Silhouette Halen, Belgium

Horse's Silhouette is the solo-effort by Owen Swerts, also known by select few as the drummer for Kasatka, Days of Desolation and China Syndrome, and the guitarist for Shaken Baby. It was formed in 2006 under the moniker of Ifota.

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