by Horse's Silhouette

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released August 12, 2013

Owen Swerts: all guitars, bass, drums, vocals, lyrics, mixing, mastering
Speech on "Her Younger Self" by Brittany Friesen
Recorded at the Halenoise HQ, Belgium, between April and August 2013.



all rights reserved


Horse's Silhouette Halen, Belgium

Horse's Silhouette is the solo-effort by Owen Swerts, also known by select few as the drummer for Kasatka, Days of Desolation and China Syndrome, and the guitarist for Shaken Baby. It was formed in 2006 under the moniker of Ifota.

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Track Name: Resonant Scream
Corrupted energy surrounds us all
We’re running out of luck,
forgetting about time
No difference between right
and wrong sides in this mass conflict
It all boils down to global defeat
Watching years fleeting by while holding back tears
Head down in the pillow to conceal the screams

Ruled by fear, we thrive on forth
towards this broken comfort
Wretched cries still haunt her dreams
Praying for a quick death
Track Name: Contortion

My nerves dislocate at the seismic footsteps
Breaking, bending, endless aching
Haunted by weathered faces
Inside the void of home, they gnaw at my bare bones
Across the plains, their eyes follow me

Bound by our blood, one with the misery
Severed from reality
A glitch in the helix
A disorder which erodes
into my gene code

But why should I grief for what you have given me?
It's all not so bad, as long as I can get my sleep

To see the beauty in decay
We’ll learn to be hypocrites our own way
We won’t need to be each other’s family
We'll have to see things our own way
We won't need to contort reality
Track Name: The Lash
In forged fantasies
you try to live pornography
Stuck between the sheets
With only your love to prove
Nights are filled with silence
Flowers wither with the motions
The pinnacle of the moment
shattered by the quietus (thereafter)

Ingénues dwell beyond
the inamorata
Shattered by
that came beforehand

The leather tailed lash,
in an ordeal of pleasuring the flesh,
wrote the murder I read in her eyes
when she spun her hatred around our pudenda
Poison drips from her nails
Her mountains to be scaled freely
My red oceans flowing rapidly
Her desert beneath to shine through her knees
Track Name: Holloway Dew
Through the mist in this hollowed out
piece of land I've rode on for years on end
In the dead of night I've walked alone
to find that this place is not my fucking home

The people walking here, oh how they sympathize with bullshit views
Reluctance towards change, oh how it leverages the decay of the self
With recession, there comes repression; how many times before we learn
still so unable to discern

the shady figure through the fog
who swings the scythe of profit across the cogs
of the right-wing machine we're shackled so thoroughly by
These Flemish towns will invite him in unless we start having the fucking cow

Choking in holloway dew
This sunken lane which we can't get out of
Is it meant to be romantic?
'Cause it feels like we're stuck in trenches
Track Name: Her Younger Self
There she slept
with remorse
Under the veil
of the gathering darkness
The mist descends
in between the concrete trees
and willows beyond
Lost with the tears
on her cushions
The nightmares that slept
with the phantoms of her recollection
And there she turned her
back to the sound sex
And she went there again
Lost with sex
without sex
Track Name: Ochre Dreams
How can I trust myself around a force so overwhelming
How can I see beyond the mirror in her eyes
when all I see is self-pity for my own pathetic existence,
oblivious to all there is to say

Words and chords always fall short
of telling her that her curls are all I'll ever want to feast upon
And when she walks off alone,
which she undoubtedly will do, I'll realize our time was useless

How can I trust her when all she sees of me is a phlegm
from a person's mouth that could say so much more
They say opposites magnetize each other
Could the nine circles of hell fit into those of heaven?

The aphrodisiac is mixed with poison before being poured
into an open wound cut open further
by my hands who keep digging deeper into the flesh
just to feel anything besides feeling worthless
Track Name: Carmine Dreams
Take my hands and open them up
Breathe as the wind takes along the grains of salt
I had for every pound of misery,
strains of red hair still stuck under my fingernails
Three years after my lips
had fused with your body parts,
the nightmare has finally ended

Like motion sickness, only during sex
Pheromone molecules bind to olfactory receptors
Body geometry like a landfill of flesh
The summit of your mountains
littered with ghosts of fellow explorers
Your waters flow from dams burst by other lovers
Every wonder for beauty turns into lethargy
Every artifact, ashes from cold fires
I can still see the stains of spit you left on the pillow,
I can hear your dog suffocating
Track Name: Manipulatrix
Stories told of sexual abuse,
of Stockholm syndrome and forced drug use
Your parents still so unaware
their only daughter's fucked up in the head
But who am I to distinguish truth from
the lies your relationships are based upon?
When your lovers' eyes look into the ink
of my flower pierced into your skin
while he's thrusting back and forth
do you sense any kind of remorse

It seems like the curse of these towns
Hedonistic lifestyle above all
You're all just collections of fluids and flesh;
cosmically insignificant

Like spider's prey you weave men around your hand
but I wonder to what end
Does people's suffering make you blind
to the gaping hole inside your mind?
Track Name: Angst
We're here in this morning again
Trying to relieve ourselves
from the accumulation of angst
built up throughout six fucking years
Ambiguity within
the needs and desires of the persons
whose sociopathic tendencies
have kept you silent throughout six fucking years

Migrating inside the prison of this mind
Trying to actively relativize
Bonded by blood, romance, guilt or pity
but never family

Angst to live
with the fear
of living
for nothing,
of living
throughout years
worth of pain
and suffering
Angst to die
with the fear
of having
died a slow,
meaningless life

The walls resonate
with the screams of unadulterated despair

Aeons pass as it cyclically goes on
No apathy releases you from
the aimless breathing amidst this onslaught
There's only the prospect that it might one day be better
and the overwhelming angst